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Diagnose your plant

1) Help! I have ants in my house plants!

Ants are unlikely to be after your plants but rather the presence of aphids, scales or mealy bugs can harm your plant. These tiny insects excrete honeydew which is attracted by the ants.


Use Zero-Ant to dust gently on the ant trail and in the crevices where ants congregate. Repeat when necessary.

2) Help! I have slugs and snails in my garden!

Slugs and snails do massive damage to garden plants in a very short period. These pest feeds by munching on your plants leaving behind irregularly shaped holes on your plant leaves.


Use Snailor by spreading in between the plants where damage is present

3) Help! I have spider mites, powdery mildew, aphids, and other pests attacking my plants.


Use Neem oil, made from 100% organic, essential oil from the neem tree to fight these pests.

Neem oil ready to use – Shake well before misting on the affected plant. Repeat spraying for a few days in a row. Our formulation also acts as a fungicide, miticide and insecticide.

4) Help! The weed in my garden is getting out of hand!

Solution: Use Weed Gone to kill general weeds in the garden compound. Add 50ml Weed Gone in 1L of water. Mix well and spray on affected area.


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